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Explore Trullo Side, Franca Puglia and more!

The trullo side of my house was a winery 750 years ago, has 2 huge cisterna under the floor where the wine was stored and still smell like wine. The farmhouse was built on to the trullo in 1966...

This is the back of our house, that was built on to the trullo, you can see the trullo cones in the middle from this side too..

One side cove of Trullo- this tiny door (that now connects to the Great Room) was originally used for workers to shove the grapes into Trullo where they were pressed to juice, the stone floor is pitched and the juice ran down into the cisterna below. Only after we bought this place did we discover 2 HUGE round cisterna underneath the floor one was for the wine and one for water. it still smells like a winery, wine.. stained with hundreds of years of wine!