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If you drink coffee, you're not alone. According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, over 54 percent of Americans over age 18 drink the rich brew. Research suggests coffee has health benefits, but for how it impacts iron, the news isn't all good.

The 3-Week Plan

Choose an appropriate size dumbbell (three to eight pounds) and follow the plan above. Every other day is a rest day to give your muscles a chance to rebuild and become stronger.

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This Is the Best HIIT Workout, According to Science

Any HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session has major fat-burning benefits, but a 4x4 workout is tops for improving fitness.

Try this quick ‪AbBlaster‬. It'll leave you feelin the burn in all the right places! Do each exercise, rest for 2 mins and then complete the circuit 2 more times. How'd you do? The IdealShape Up Challenge offers 12 weeks of free workouts just like this AN

Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms With This 3-Week Challenge