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Pennywick Tree Farm... Vassar Michigan We used to go there to cut down our Christmas tree on my birthday.

Fort Mackinac - Mackinac Island, MI: built by the British Army during the American Revolutionary War. Located on a bluff 150 feed above Mackinac Island Harbor, it replaced Fort Michilimackinac. The officers Stone Quarters, started in 1780 at the fort , is the oldest building in the State of Michigan. Fort Mackinac was turned over to the United States in 1796. But the fort and control of the Straits were recaptured duing the War of 1812. At the end of the war it was returned to the United…

The pop corn was popped and buttered, we were taking our kids to their first trip to the drive in that night. Storm blew in before dark and blew the screen down. Poor kids never got to go to the drive in. Caro, MI

Omg! i still have the ear tag from the first cow i ever owned! i been wonderin what the heck to do with it! thanks to the person who thought of this! :) Could laser something on plain white ear tags. Like brands?