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[Single Count] Custom and Unique (3" Inch) Round "Politic...

昨天的影片今天就沒了。 還無法確定是不是新竹的光復中學,希望有人認識可以幫忙。 園遊會可以,遊行很開心也很好, 但是對不同族群的錯誤認知必須從 透過不斷的犯錯與溝通中慢慢前進, 但是犯了錯又刪掉影片的人,我已經備份了, 等你來解釋。 「備份」光復中學十一年禮班 原住民起床歌舞 「影片備份」納粹爭議後 光復中學又爆COSPLAY霧社事件 台灣史望春風 第三十四集 山丘怒吼~霧社事件 #光復高中校慶 #台灣史 #台灣史望春風

A screenshot of the #DearNajib twitter account with the messages tweeted to the prime minister following the revelation from the MACC that the RM2.6 billion in his accounts were from donors. – Screenshot from Twitter website, August 4, 2015.

The reason why Malaysians especially Muslims were pissed off with TH - 1MDB Bailout. 1MDB buy lot at RM 74.20/sq ft. Sell back to TH for RM 2779/sq ft. The 4 BODs & CEO are BN appointed people with both position in 1MDB & TH. They used pilgrimage depositers' money without informing firsthand or ask for permission. Najib keep justifying "good investment". Show us the Return on Investment (ROI) & figures. Dont mess with peoples money. Najib, you will be hold accountable in this life…

15 Years Old Girl Survive Pizzagate Satanic Rituals Abuse

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Washington continues to ignore the majority of Americans who oppose rewarding illegal aliens with U.S. citizenship.