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Crystal Healing - Enhydro - Water (air) bubble trapped in a crystal thousands if not millions of years ago. The energy of these crystals facilitates cleansing of the energetic bodies/physical body during a crystal healing..

Enhydro Agate Geode Nodule - Brazil | amazing gem containing water millions of years old

Golden Enhydro Crystal Quartz, Double Terminated, Petroleum, Enhydro An Enhydro/Enhydros is described as a natural water or fluid filled chamber that is found within a crystal or mineral. Scientists prefer to call the majority of them “fluid inclusions.” The crystals or minerals grow around the liquid deposits and trap it.

Enhydro Geode (Water Agate) by, via Flickr Enhydro Agate consists of fluid inclusion within a cavity in the agate. This fluid inclusions are millions of years old and usually very pure. Sometimes Agates with a dry internal cavity are selected and a minute hole drilled through to the cavity and water is injected in and then sealed off with glue. You can detect this treatment by observing for sealed minute holes. However, this takes some skills to detect.

This short video demonstrates Crystal Piezoelectricity and hence the potential to 'wake up' our DNA to a higher level of consciousness through Crystal Healing.

Ancient Enhydro Agate - Hidden wisdom and water elemental magic