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Description Bianca / 26 / dreamer / / libra / insatiable / creative / wild&free / Chicago / expensive taste / wanderlust / "everything I do has to be visually appealing to me" / girl power / i draw i paint i cut i paste / i do my own thing / french...

YES!!!!! Löok at Nikki👀👀👀 She changed her lifestyle and it changed her life! Nikki says: "The light in the girl in the rights eyes is not only a 365lb weight loss and nutrition but the light of a girl who has learned to like herself for the 1st in all her life." Noẅ that’s ā testimony thàt makes me jûmp right out of my sēat and thank God. 🙏 #WeiGHTlosS #YoUGoGirL #NuTriTioN #HeALthY #FiTFaM #SucCeSs #TesTiMOniaLThUrsDay

birds--I love when I see birds doing this in real life. I wonder what makes them all come together and swirl around in a group and then after a while they are gone!

He finally realized it. Surrounded by all of these important, strong men and women who would give their lives for the planet's freedom from enslavement, he finally realized the truth. He wasn't brave. He wasn't strong and noble and gallant like his father had been, like all the characters in his books. He was just a weak, cowardly dreamer who liked to play pretend and got in the way.

Take all of the negative people and experiences and turn them into a... Novel, poem or book.... There is altleast something "good" in really hurtful moments :-P