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Nightmare gerbil room torment oppression fear domination caged

The story is plotted on the undivided Bengal, the Bengal of 250 years ago when British oppressions, Zaminder torments permeate a nightmare to the life of ordinary rural people. On such a backdrop, Novelist BankimChandra Chattopadhaya hailed his imagery lady 'Devi Chowdhurani' aka 'Profullo'. Those who had read Devi Chowdhurani and those who had not, for both segments of people Devi Chowdhurani was aired on everyone's television screen...from 7th Nov., at 9.00 pm.

As long as the narcs are dominant over you and you’re groveling and suffering under their oppression, they’re happy, but miserable when there isn’t someone they can lord power over. Some are innately revulsed by weakness and enjoy tormenting those they perceive as week or needy. Covert-aggressives prefer a select group of tactics to get the better of others, but when in a relationship with a true psychopath, there’s only one good way of dealing with things: Get out! Run! And do so quickly!

Wow..... I've never found a picture that is such a perfect representation of who I am. This one is beautiful! I feel like I'm seeing myself for the first demons finally have faces.