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My friend made these for a going away party for my cousin who was joining the Army

I believe my aunt, Brenda Thoma, is EXTRAORDINARY because she had a her own children but when my cousins had no where to go she took them in. She is now raising 5 children and she is very involved with her kids. She is always there to help someone and she is what holds our family together!

33 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

Lake Como, Italy Have picture of my mother and cousins in the family palazzo on Lake Como...

44 unreal toys everyone who lived in the '80s will remember.

Probably my favourite toy, even when the dog got stuck in the lift shaft, then my mum gave it away to a charity shop coz she said i'd grown out of it - noooooooooo!

Beauty Quotes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

This is my son I everyday!!!! and I add this as a Grandparent... it is so precious to laugh with them!!!

This is what I am talking about! My life growing up and now my daughter's. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!