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Artist Has Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests Into Works Of Art | Bored Panda Pin by

50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares (PHOTOS)

The 41,170-acre Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is a remote desolate area of steeply eroded badlands in San Juan County in New Mexico, and features some of the eeriest scenery found in the region, including alien-like rock formations and fossils.

50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares (PHOTOS)

Wadi Al-Hitan in Egypt, also known as Valley of the Whales, holds the key to the evolution of whales. Scientists have excavated numerous fossils in Wadi Al-Hitan, discovering whale knee bones, leg bones, and toe bones. (Wikimedia Commons/Roland Unger)

After the Warming, London, England - photo manipulation to project what London would look like if all ice on earth melts