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such a cute baby platypus!

Scale is fantastic. I like that this is really a small thing but the visual style of the photo makes it look bigger. I like the rough, but soft-like pattern of the moss on the bark.

I can't really teach Porter this, but Abby could.

Platypus & Penguin - A Mini Unit - Winter Literacy + Glyph

Kindergarten Math Center Game Math Center Basic Operations Math Activity Printable Printable Math Activity Teachers Resources Ladybug

angry bird lunch @ Holly Wilcox

One more for Round 3 of the #StitchLoveAlong ! Here are Abby's requests! She wanted pins for her bag and she loves Nessie so much, she had to have her as a hair clip. #wildolivestitching #wildolive #stitchlove #stitchlovebook #embroidery #handmade #pins #hairclip #nessie #platypus #manatee #fox

I had no idea what a baby platypus even looked like, let alone that I would want one so bad when I finally saw one!

DIY Phineas and Pherb's Perry The Platypus Twinkies

I want a baby platypus!