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Iftiaar at Jamma Masjid, India...

Cumhurbaşkanından Şanlıurfa'daki patlama hakkında açıklama

This Eid el-Fitr, many Muslim worshippers were, as in other years, forced to pray on the street, as the city refuses to allow more mosques to be built.

How Powerful is Your Passport #infographic

How Powerful is Your Passport #infographic #Passport #Travel

لماذا نهانا النبى عن الجلوس بين الظل والشمس

Review: 'Suffragette' Is Worth Your Vote

Review: 'Suffragette' Is Worth Your Vote. Suffragette movie poster featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep.

After 4 years of traveling the world, the most common question is: "how do you make money traveling?" or "how do you fund your travels?" Here's my answer.

What It's Like When You Feel Homesick But You're Already Home

Because home isn’t really a tangible place. Home is a feeling. #Home is you.

I am not here to fix you. {poem} This. Puts into words everything I've ever intended. But could never script. I have been accused of 'needing a project/someone to fix/depend on me', but I have always felt that my soul was recognizing a chance for growth and connection- whatever the level. Once I'd made the connection, my giving personality would take over and I would readily make sacrifices for this new experience. This is what was always in my heart, not the need to fix 'you'.

I have visited 40 countries....I think