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That's My Boy (2012)

[capsule review] That's My Boy - Many silly-looking Adam Sandler movies are actually quite sweet and I inexplicably like them. A few are just annoying and crass. This was the latter. I didn't even finish it. (iPad rental, 10/18/2012)

Great movie. just saw this movie and we were all laughing and some were crying cause they laughed so hard :)

Yes another zombie movie. This one has the zombie energy as well as the guts, however, if you read the book, the movie leaves way to much out so do not expect it to be remotely similiar,however, with that aside, Pitt does a manly job as the main character and actually is believable in his role. Jumps,scares,and a good story line. Recommend it in 3D.

DRUM LINE - I really loved this movie! It had two things I truly love, great percussion lines and the underdogs win!!!! Oh, and it was made in Atlanta or as we call it the ATL!