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Pyramidion (top of a pyramid) dedicated by Amenemhet III , ruled 1831-1986 BC. The winged sun disk depicted in the center of the stone, carving art on the black granite is amazing. Found among debri on the eastern side of the pyramid in 1900 the capstone of the pyramid was carved from a block of black granite. A pair of eyes similar to those on the eastern side if his sarcophagus, together with some other hieroglyphic components are inscribed on the eastern side of the capstone…

1758 British Pendant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - This pendant stood out to me because of the images and inscriptions on it. A bit of research revealed that these were actually Masonic symbols - for instance, the inscription "Sit lux et lux fiat" is a Masonic motto translating as "Let there be light and there was light". Freemasonry had existed prior to the 18th century, but it really reached its heyday at this point - and appeared hand-in-hand with the Enlightenment.