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I'm so excited to try this! Dried citrus and apple slices made into ornaments and even a wreath. Just need to get some mod podge - didn't use that last time.


Bows are like lipstick on a wreath… they make them look bright and prettier! I had many request to share how I make what I call… THE CHRISTMAS BOW It’s easy and impressive… I’ve probably made a thousand… here’s how… This prim and proper bow finds it’s way onto wreaths and Christmas presents around StoneGable. …

Easter Chick Wreath

Time is truly running away with me! I’ve got a list so long of blog posts I want to write, [Read More]

Embroidery and Sewing Patterns

I thought it would be fun to have a central place for all of the embroidery and sewing patterns I’ve made – for quick and easy searching and download! I’ll try and keep this page updated as I create new projects. *Please keep in mind that all Flamingo Toes patterns are for personal use only. Do …

Crochet Rose Heart Wreath

Last week I shared the pattern to make these pretty roses and knew I wanted to use them for something for Valentine's Day. Then I thought ... why not a crochet rose heart wreath. I cut out a heart shape from a thick piece of cardboard we had laying around and then just made enough roses to cover the shape. I used hot glue to attach them. I am quite happy with how it came out and might just have to leave it up all year!

How to make a Christmas wreath

Tie on pieces of ribbon, material or anything else you have to hand (I've seen a lovely orange wreath made from pieces of Sainsburys bags). Description from I searched for this on

Make Your Christmas Competition

Christmas wreath made using wet wipes! i took a packet of wet wipes, left them out the packet to dry and then tied each one to a metal ring. i then glued small snowflakes over it and added a few strips of siler ribbon to break it up abit