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http://www.dicashomeschooling.com/2014/03/educacao-domiciliar-e-criancas-na.html (LINKS complementares ao áudio acima) Educacao Domiciliar Criancas Na Cozinha: 5 Dicas by DicasHomeschooling.com on SoundCloud

Stuck inside? Try this quick fix for kids who are too cooped up and too wound up! A must-know positive parenting tip.

Does your child get angry at the sounds of other people eating. Do they go ballistic at the sounds of chewing? Take this Misophonia quiz.

You hear the fighting. The yelling. The temper tantrums. AGAIN. While anger will never fully go away, kids CAN learn to manage their anger (and so can we!) Learn four simple steps to help kids calm down, understand angry emotions, determine if they have anger habits and assess if they deal with anger guilt. If you’re a mom, you need these to help kids deal with anger, fighting and temper tantrums!

Here are some tips for gently helping your angry child calm down, plus 8 ways they can calm down anywhere! Grab your free printable reminder!

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