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How To Get A Six Pack Infographic

Its showing a little bit. I want it to pop never had one before. So it's pretty exciting. Want to work to make my core stronger so I can float!

I love this! So true! Even though I haven't seen much change on the scale... I have felt tremendous changes in my muscles! That alone has made it easier to keep my energy up!

How to make homemade "Bengay" - Sore muscles or joints? This homemade muscle pain relief cream is exactly what you need! All natural and works so much better than the commercial stuff!

Got knee pain? You probably need to work on your ankles. Over time, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, your ankles lose range of motion—which forces your knees to compensate (and complain). Do this move as part of your warm-up, or anytime you like. You'll see the benefits in your walk, run, or strength workout almost immediately.