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Ukraine has every chance of becoming a gas exporter again, as it was in the first half of the century, said US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. He added that the US will certainly help Kiev to achieve the goal.

An employee walks near a rotary dredge which works on the coal face of the Borodinsky opencast colliery, near the Siberian town of Borodino, east of Krasnoyarsk, December The Borodinsky colliery, 9 km miles) long and more than 100 me...

China stages biggest currency devaluation in 20 yrs to revive exports — RT Business

French President Francois Hollande is wary of the impact economic crisis in Russia might have on Europe. He has called for sanctions imposed against Moscow to be lifted as soon as there’s progress in peace talks over Ukraine.

‘They won’t pay us back because they are crooks’ - Medvedev on Ukraine debt — RT Russian politics

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has extended its deadline for the Visa payment system to switch processing the country’s domestic payments to the national system of payment cards (NSPC) until the end of April.

Sanders, Trump Lead Among First-Time Iowa Caucus Voters

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Buying a Diploma Is Easy if You Can Pay Up - Bloomberg Business