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No, This Isn't Fake. These 27 Animals Are Just THAT Photogenic.

Goats playing on a trampoline…

The kind of person who puts a trampoline in their backyard so goats can play on it: | 24 People You Desperately Wish You Could Be Can't support all of these but the goat tramp, dog deck, puppy bath and awesome mag make my list. is genius if you like c

22 Goats Smiling At You

"OMG GUESS WHAT I MADE A PIE for you and then I ate it but I made one and that's what counts okaay?" | 22 Goats Smiling At You

21 Pictures That Will Make You So Goddamn Grateful For The Internet

Or this happy AF dude chilling with this happy AF goat. | 21 Pictures That Will Make You Fucking Grateful For The Internet

#goatvet likes this video -Best Use For A Yoga Ball. It provides enrichment and exercise for goats