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Doreen Virtue - Easy Ways to Free Up the Time and Space for Your Creative Passion.

This story is a real account from my life, and I'm now a teacher for other psychic mediums. If you have experienced anything like this, you're not crazy, you...

Crowded Spaces. Do People Attract Spirits?

Where Ghosts Go? Do large gatherings of people draw in the Spirit World? Where are there the most Spirits? Find out here >>>

Everything’s So Amazing! Then Why Are People So Unhappy? Hilarious Video To Keep Us Grounded & Smiling | Love or Above

How to Persevere When You Feel like Giving Up

Remember the times where you tried something new for the first time, like a fitness plan or a diet, but then gave up? Do you also remember watching movies such as Begin Again, where characters failed, but kept trying until they succeeded, making you wonder why you weren’t capable of the same success?

Energy Update - Lightness of Being - 5 Tips for a Positive Restart

With lighter energies in the air now, it's time to create in some brand-new ways and leave behind old habits developed during more rocky cycles. Ready?! Since we're sitting in a powerful two-week window of beneficial energies after this week's New Moon, this is really a perfect time to refocus and reapply some helpful principles you likely understand very well. Hence this article is to address a few of those. It's interesting how our logical mind can remember helpful principles, yet not…

Master Djwhal Khul : Integration and Invocation

Alright. Well I think that this is a time for integration and invocation. So we’re in the time period between the Wesak Full Moon and the Full Moon of Humanity, this particular year it came early. And we have a kind of powerful set of energies going on: Jupiter just recently went direct and that does affect things. That’s still being integrated but that it should be finished soon. Then we have Mercury still retrograde. So interesting things are coming up. But for light workers a Mercury…

Message from Hilarion : All Lower Vibrations Are Now Exiting

Beloved Ones, As you move through the powerful energies of these times, know that you are never truly alone or forgotten. Much that is within you is being transmuted and transformed into a higher version of your self. This can be uncomfortable at times. We advise rest and being good to self while this is happening.

Weekly LightBlast: Preparing for Change

Blessed Being, change is a constant in Life. Change is what Time illuminates, Lighting your path to the future. The Earth experience is one of duality expanding into connection. How are you connecting to your future? Through fear, concession, or domination? Through excitement, progress, or sharing? It is a choice, an internal choice—one that you make so often that at times its simplicity and functionality is elusive.