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7 Ways to Get Past Your Excuses

Excuses are the biggest hindrances that one can put for oneself. Excuses are self inflicted challenges which can prevent you from achieving everything that you have the potential for. Artists procrastinate and shelve their projects. Most wait for perfection and in that wait they spend days, weeks and months of unproductive spells. Professionals tend to

The 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

Photo composition is subjective, but a few tips can ensure you a strong picture every time. Here are the key rules of photo composition and why they work.

8 life lessons we've learned from Miranda

3. Though don't feel you must run... || Miranda Final Episode: [8 things we've learned from the BBC1 sitcom]

"We Don't Believe What's On TV" by Twenty One Pilots Ukulele Tabs on UkuTabs

"In his own mind, with Moriarty speaking his own thoughts, he doesn’t even consider that his brother would be sad if he died." Mycroft would be sad, but I doubt he would cry. "What I really love about Sherlock’s reaction to Mycroft saying that isn’t that he seems to disbelieve the sentiment, but that he’s shocked Mycroft would actually say it out loud. “Mycroft! We don’t say these things to each other!”

My favorite female character in the trilogy because she was awesome without even trying, she kicked butt, and she was nice to Merry.