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Africa: West Africa, Niger 20th century

Africa | blanket from the Sherbro people of Sierra Leone | ca. 20th century | Cotton; Strip woven; weft-faced; supplementary weft; hand-sewn

Africa | Woman's Kente wrapper from the Ewe people of Ghana | 20th century | Cotton; strip woven, supplementary weft patterning, weft face patterning

Africa | Ewe cloth from Ghana | ca. 1920 | Cotton; seventeen strips, with signs, animals, hands, boats etc

Africa | 'Kente' from the Ewe people of Ghana | Cotton; the woven ground with green, red and yellow stripes and images of weaving combs

Africa | Four Fante Asafo flags from Ghana | Cotton appliqué || Sotheby's; Alistair McAlpine Textiles, Part I. Lot 18, 98, 97 and 17