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I you not my boyfriend and I were watching this technology awards show (CES?) On YouTube and the showed an eye thing similar to the middle one and I looked over at my boyfriend with big eyes and go "it's starting" like I was really freaking excited. I wish for him to be Kirito and me to be Asuna... even though he is the 17 year old and I'm the sixteen year old. Lol

art cute Cool kawaii nature 90s 3D plants greek vertical gradient blender aesthetic yung net art vaporwave grids Yung Lean 550am sadboys 2002

45 Sword Art Online Gifs That Will Make You Beg For Nerve Gear

Day 29: i wish this was real because it wouldn't completely alter the fabric of reality and I've always wanted to play in a VRMMO!

My sandwich! It was innocent... Kirito, are you gonna- Shh, I must grieve... XD


justinhartney: Thankful for friends that loan me their camera...