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SUE WONG BEING HONORED WITH Dr. Estella Sneider AT THE #OPCC CHARITY GALA: Both the illustrious Entertainment Hostess and humanitarian Dr. Estella Sneider and I were honored with multiple awards last night at the OPCC Charity Gala Event at #casadelmar in Santa Monica. Pictured at our table is my different actor/ Emmy Award winning producer Vincent De Paul, Dr. Estella Sneider, and my favorite new Prince and friend Mario-Max Prinz Zu Schaumburg-Lippe.

MY MOTHER AND I IN MAOIST CHINA I was barely five years old in this photo wearing my prized Felix the Cat corduroy overalls-- a snapshot of another life from long, long ago...In an incarnation that is a startling contrast to the one I now have--once upon a time in China-- I was trapped in a Communist regime

SUE WONG ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL FB SUE WONG PUBLIC FIGURE PAGE Due to FB restrictions and procedures, it is impossible to accept any more friends since my personal page has reached its capacity. Please be sure to visit and like the SUE WONG PUBLIC FIGURE page If you like my new page you will receive all of my postings from my SUE WONG PERSONAL as well as my SUE WONG FASHION pages PHOTO BY: Matt Maruts #suewong #teamsuewong

SUE WONG: GORGEOUS FLOWERS THAT I RECEIVED #3 Here is a refreshed version of the flowers that I received from my dear production manager, the wonderfully creative Albert Ng who is also a very talented floral designer. LOVE the new pink Peony additions, dear Albert -- they are one of my FAVORITE flowers. However, I never met a flower that I didn't like LOL xxxSw

#FBF: SUE WONG AND THE #EMMYS PARTIES As next week approaches, Prince Mario-Max Prinz Zu Schaumburg-Lippe will be attending a HUGE deluge of Pre-Emmy parties, gifting suites, the Emmys ceremony itself, plus a whole slew of Post- Emmy parties!!! Meanwhile, I am inundated with my own party planning as well as preparing for my SUE WONG SPRING 2016 COLLECTION Runway presentation. No rest for the weary nor the WICKED!!! Wishing you all a great, happy, Indian Summer weekend!!! xxxSW