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This is the problem when you are the only one of your friends who pays attention to and wants to debate politics...especially when someone actually tries to talk to you about it and they. know. nothing. Ugh it's like explaining algebra to a preschooler

I love getting Repinned by a stranger. It validates my good taste. I don't want someone stealing everything in my boards, but as long as you don't exactly copy my board, pin ALL YOU WANT! It is a COMPLIMENT!

i'm not too sarcastic on pinterest but this was too funny because i totally judge people by their pins!

im pinning this because i think it is funny that while this is probably true for a lot of college students.. i hate coffee, im not a big gum person, i havent had ramen since i was a child, and i dont drink. guess ill be out of luck after graduation :p

haha so true......@Kristen Dixon @Melissa Dixon, think about how many questions he asks you in a 10 minute skype convo then mulitply that by like

Hundreds gather to protest global warming

"DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN." <----I just got a mental image of Elsa building an army of sentient snowmen and sending them to whichever country Arendelle's at war with. Yeah, my mind goes weird places sometimes ahaha --- so cute!

True. Assume I'm sarcastic, and I will do if you actually want to insult me or something, you'll have to do so to my face, and *maybe* I'll take you seriously. Maybe.