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bulgarian men in babugeri costumes, used in pagan rituals. (again, frighteningly similar to a figure from a recurrent childhood nightmare)

Alien Puppets with Paper Plate Space Ship Craft and Learning Activity - Use this craft with popular children's books about aliens.

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How the humblebee became the bumblebee Darwin's name for the bee was replaced in the 20th century

Toy+Story+hand+Puppets+ set+of+5+puppets Buzz+,+Woody,+Jessie,+Round+up,+and+the+Alien You+can+order+it+in+any+Color+you+wish Please+send+me+a+note+to+what+color+you+would+like Having+a+Toy+Story+or+Cowboy+Birthday+Party.+What+a+great+Birthday+Gift+and+Birthday+Favor+for+the+cowboy. ...

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