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She fell to her hands and knees, her nails digging into dirt as they sharpened into cat-like claws. Her back arched as the two points of pain burst and wings exploded into view. Her head snapped up in a soundless scream, her pupils thin slits and her teeth elongating into fangs. The man in front of her drew a pistol from his waistband and took a shaky aim. Her attention snapped to him and she snarled, arching into a spring.

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Chromatic scale of colours arranged as a chart by James Sowerby. Sowerby considered this might be useful to artists and that in primary colours "Gamboge is most perfect yellow, used in water colours. Carmine, most perfect when good. Prussian, or Berlin blue, most perfect." Plate 5 from the monograph A new elucidation of colours, original prismatic, and material; showing their coincidence in three primitives, yellow, red and blue. Original: engraving 1807.

Freebie Classroom Community Building Poster The same theme applies at home to our homework area. Need to make something like this to remind my munchkins (and a reminder to us parents sometimes too).

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