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You’ve made it half way through the week. We think that deserves a little celebration. So here are twenty hot celebrity guys reading books. Enjoy! Look at all the elvish hotness! Source James Dean makes reading sexy. … Read More

In an alarming bit of synchronicity, or what some might call a lack of cultural imagination, two new series premiering on network television nearly within a month will revolve around serial

Wallpaper and background photos of The Musketeers - Aramis for fans of Aramis ('The Musketeers') images. 36614535

BRB, piercing the issue that separates life from death. Welcome! This is where I worship the Showtime TV series Penny Dreadful. (I follow and send asks as villa-rosie, this is a side blog.)


He has to be in the films, he just has to be! Sean Bean is my all-time fave actor and although many people would want him to play Arillion, he would be my choice for the role of either the High Duke, Karian Stromn, or Cassana's father, Alion Byron

He was painted in war metals but seemed to be hunted from what he had seen on the battle field. What a mystery he was to all those he came in contact with. She pulled her gaze away from him. He was a beautiful man with a ugly past.