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The Best Travel Photography of 2016

Luke Massey Sierra de Andújar National Park, Andalucia, Spain

WINNER, ONE SHOT - WILDLIFE & NATURE - LUKE MASSEY, UK Location: Sierra de Andújar National Park, Andalucia, Spain In 2001 there were less than 100 Iberian lynx left in the wild. Fifteen years later there are now more than 400, but it is still, unfortunately, the rarest cat in the world.

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Iberian lynx - Photograph: Luke Massey

Ver Lince ibérico en el Parque Natural de la Sierra de Andújar.(View Iberian lynx in the Natural Park) - SIERRA DE ANDÚJAR

Trunk of an Italian stone pine tree (Pinus pinea) in Sierra de Andujar Natural Park. Andalusia, Spain

Sierra de Andujar is a natural park in the province of Jaén and it is the main reservoir of the Iberian lynx.

12 Extraordinary Pictures Show Animals Headed for Extinction

Iberian Lynx - A wild Iberian lynx stands in Sierra de Andújar Natural Park in Andalusia, Spain. The decline in Spain’s rabbit population—the lynx's main food source—and habitat loss threaten the lynx’s survival.