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Play Would You Rather to win a $50.00 gift card. What lengths are you willing to go to in the name of cleanliness? Think about it. Would you rather take out the garbage for a year or unclog a drain? Take our quiz and find out your true cleaning personality. You can win a $50.00 gift card or CLR product and you’ll be eligible to win $150.00.

Fall cleaning to do list. Now that summer is over its time to prepare your home for the coming of winter. Our Helpful seasonal cleaning tips page has eight cleaning tips that will make your home a little more comfortable over the winter as well as reduce the amount of cleaning you will need to do in the spring. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

The Dog Days (of Summer) Are Over. As kids and then as we grow into adults, we look forward to summer and all the seasonal fun that the warm weather brings. In her blog post, Alison Gutterman, President of Jelmar, looks at summer from a different angle.

Summer Camp. Summer camp isn’t what it used to be… it’s better. In her blog, Alison Gutterman reminisces about her days at summer camp in the 1980’s and compares those camps to the camp that her daughter is enjoying today. She discusses how today’s camps take advantage of technology to engage parents in the camp experience. She also relates how camps are as much about teaching children as they are about having fun.

Coming Clean: What’s Your Real Parenting Style? Raising kids is tough and trying to keep your children as well as the world around them clean is even more difficult. The fact is, we all have to make some smelly, funky, messy compromises in order to get through the day.

New Year’s resolutions. Jelmar’s president, Alison Gutterman, is not fond of New Year’s resolutions. Not only does she think that these resolutions make us do what we don’t want to do, but they can also make us miss out on some amazing experiences we never would have expected.

Holiday Disaster Sweepstakes. Who hasn’t had some kind of holiday disaster that at the time was the worst thing that could happen, but as time went on became just a funny story

Check out our new Internet site. Last week we launched our brand new Internet site. You can find all the great content that was on our old site. You can still ask our experts a cleaning question, check out our how to videos as well as learn how to use our products and on what types of material.

Review our products. Have you had an experience with one of our products that you would like to share with us and any potential user of our products? We have just added an option on our product pages where you can rate the effectiveness of the product and tell about your experience in your own words.