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Rating: Questionable Score: 500 Tags: 2girls anthropomorphism blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow braids breasts brown_hair cleavage kantai_collection long_hair nude red_eyes ribbons scarf shigure_(kancolle) shinonome_haru tears yuri yuudachi_(kancolle) User: kokiriloz

kantai collection warspite (kantai collection) carnelian censored artist name convenient censoring 1girl bare shoulders blonde blue eyes braid breast press breasts corset cowboy shot crown dress flower french braid groin large breasts long hair long sleeves looking at viewer mini crown off shoulder off-shoulder dress pantsu panty pull parted lips red ribbon red rose ribbon rose solo thighhighs thighs tied hair underwear white dress white legwear white panties

Anime picture kantai collection shimakaze destroyer sad fuka long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blonde hair orange eyes tears chibi sad alternate age girl gloves ribbon (ribbons) hair ribbon elbow gloves white gloves 306140 en

belt black_hair blue_eyes blush book breasts hair_ribbon heart heart_eyes holding kantai_collection kneehighs long_hair looking_at_viewer mikuma_(kantai_collection) open_mouth ribbon skirt solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear twintails youqiniang

1girl :o ahoge background_text bad_id commentary_request copyright_name crossed_arms crossover gloves green_ribbon grey_skirt gun hair_ribbon kagerou_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection looking_at_viewer machinery mecha mototaro muvluv namesake pink_hair pleated_skirt ribbon short_sleeves skirt standing turret twintails violet_eyes weapon

1girl adjusting_clothes adjusting_gloves background_text bad_id blue_eyes commentary_request copyright_name crossover glaring gloves grey_skirt gun hair_ornament kantai_collection machinery mecha mototaro muvluv namesake pink_hair pleated_skirt red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform shiranui_(kantai_collection) short_hair short_sleeves skirt sword type_94_shiranui weapon