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spells // Avis - this charm creates a flock of birds from the casters wand. when coupled with ''Oppugno'', it can be used offensively.

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Culture Blend

African Kimono by Serge Mouangue Cameroonian-born, Tokyo-based designer Serge Mouangue. Blessed to have his designs showcased in Senegal and in Japan. In his own words, "I pursue and observe the complexity of different values and cultural identities in search of threads to weave a fabric which is a blending of these differences.It is not a fusion,I want it to be something else. It should transcend the boundaries of both"cultures. It is a third aesthetic.”

Random Inspiration 109

thieves will think twice? yeah, that's totally why I want this, that's why! #doors #knockers #doorknocker

When every crowd has a shadow, the shadow of the one face you are looking for, when your heart sinks because you do not find her face in the crowd and you feel alone. Love can hurt and feel empty when you experience something amazing and lose that gift, the person you wanted to risk everything for. Just once you want to see her face, to be able to walk toward her, take her hand and kiss her, to feel fulfilled. #soul #love #forever

Victoria Beckham snubs 40th birthday party for intimate family dinner

Fashion designer, model and singer Victoria Beckham attends The Fourth Annual London Global Gift Gala at the ME Hotel in London