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This is for you;) running- Meb is so awesome!! He picked my El to ask a question about running and setting goals and then was so great to her, after she was at the Boston Marathon that he won. love some Meb!!!

We challenge you to be creative in the way you donate and give of your time and talents. Raise support by running a marathon, creating 24 paintings in 24 hours, skipping your morning coffee, hosting a pingpong competition. Whatever it may be, your voice and donation matters.

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18 pretentious Pinterest inspiration quotes that do actually make you feel better about life

Sometimes I feel like I am always behind and running out of time. As long as you are doing something that has purpose you shouldn't compare your pace with others because it is about the purpose behind what you do.

If you'll not settle for anything than your Best You Will Be Amazed at What You Can Accomplish in Your Life' - Vince Lombardi .. Advice from . . . #soulsearching #newbeginning #instaquote #veganathlete #getyourglowon #nevergiveup #plantstrongfitness #fitvegan #photooftheday