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Jill said: "Bought my boy the Eqclusive Diamond set so decided to try them this morning...Before a quick flick over (had just removed rugs). Second pic shows after, I can't believe it..didn't realise my boy could get any shiner with a winter coat" Thank you Jill. Get yours on www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

Kirstie said: "All I can say is wow!! I was quite honest at Olympia saying I didn't believe no products were used to get the shine ... well I'm amazed and can honestly say they're the best brushes I've ever owned! 👍🏼👍🏼" Thank you Kirstie. Get yours on www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

We love Dotibel! Get yours at Olympia or on www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

Emma said: "I love my brushes! Went from this to shine under a minute!" Thank you Emma. Get yours on www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

The bestseller from Dotibel! Get yours and look different at https://eqclusive.com/collections/dotibel?sort_by=best-selling

Eqclusive Packs are featured in every magazine now! Do you have any before and after photos? Make us happy today! Get them on http://www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive or at your local tack shop!

Sue said: "Jade Clark won 3 National titles at these Championships and both horses were prepared using Haas brushes, they looked absolutely immaculate. Jade and I have had these brushes in use at Brennan Equestrian for over 12 months and at every competition people comment on the turn out of our horses and their very shiny coats - Thank you Eqclusive" Thank you Sue. <3 Get yours on http://www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive - VERY limited availability before New Year!

Dark Bay or Black horses have a very dusty coat that produces a lot of oil and sweat. It produces dry flakes, looking like dandruff, that actually are dry skin and dry sweat. To help maintain good coat and stimulate circulation we invented the Eqclusive Packs. Get yours on http://www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

Roxane said: "Used my black pack yesterday! Must say the curry comb is amazing at removing dried on mud , it's soft over boney parts but tough enough to remove mud efficiently!" Thank you! Get your pack on www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

Joanne said: "My 19month old dales x. In full very thick winter woolies but very soft, clean and shiny. Love the haas brushes. Just a quick wiz round and he looks like he has had a bath. I keep sneakily adding to my collection! Guilty pleasure lol" Thank you Joanne. Get your pack on http://www.eqclusive.com/collections/eqclusive

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