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My first year teaching I was dying to see other teachers' plan books, but most of them were either blank or didn't seem suitable for our students...

Social Studies Success Blog - great lesson for the week back to school. This activity will really engage your students as you teach them why history is important. I love the Pop-Up Experts!

Jamestown online adventure game ~ The year is 1607. you are the captain of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in this flash-based historical simulation. Will your colony survive and prosper or will it become another "lost colony"? FANTASTIC for fourth grade and up!

Daily Warm Up Questions for US History

A complete school year's worth (120 slides!) of daily warm up or bell-ringer questions for American History! The slides start with Jamestown and the early colonies and continue through to 9/11, the Patriot Act, and even President Obama!

What is a Civilization? Sumerian / Mesopotamian Interactive Notebook Activities

Instead of just giving your students information, let them WORK with it! Inside you will find an interactive notebook activity that teaches the seven different characteristics of a civilization: reliable food supply social structure government religion the arts technology writing