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Trash Backwards--site with tons of ideas for what to do with our recyclable materials. It has great ideas as well as information about things like the bottled water story, plastic pollution in our oceans, and other very interesting stuff.

Make your passwords unbreakable but memorable - EXCELLENT website with a listing of all kinds of tips on computers...anyone can learn good stuff:

Awesome tree house made from an old bunk bed- so FUN and way too easy! Tyler and I are now on the look out for an used wood bunk bed..genius and would be perfect in our yard

Secret Tricks to Making Any DIY Craft

Simple Trick Cracks the Code to Making Any DIY Projects Hi, I’m Alex Grayson and today I’m going to show you something that can completely transform the way you work on any DIY project, decorate your home or do woodwork.. It might sound crazy but in just a few seconds you’ll see for yourself how …