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I'm not sure anymore who I am, or where I'm going, and most importantly, I'm pretty sure it's not who I want to be or where I want to go. Sure it's easy to say "then change it", the question is...HOW?

It feels good to look back with forgiveness, both for others and myself, and to look into the future with hope and determination... I am working hard to live in the present, to be grateful for each moment. Living as I want to live, being who I need to be.

I know everyone says you rarely keep your friends from high school but I really feel like my best friends now will still be my best friends when I get married and even in 30 or even 50 years from now!!! I have faith in them and I love them to death!!!!!!!

The main character is thinking on injustices made to women. Nhamo and the girl are kind of the same age but Nhamo is way more forward on his studies. Nhamo demands to his sisters to do stuff for them and the main chatacyet thinks it is really unfair.

Let's go back to the beginning when we were nothing but could have been something. let's go back to a time when we could look each other in the eyes when I didn't feel pain when I looked at you let's just go back and be something, what we should have been

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