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"Heres a collection of super cute boys!" by crazy-chaos24 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring boys, tyler, max, max amphetamine, people, guys, male sitemodels, photos, animals and anon

[FC: max amphetamine] My name is Hayden Grey. I'm 20, going on 21. I'm single, and just recently left the closet as gay... Um I'm kinda shy at first but after you get to know me I'm not as shy. I can be very flirty and romantic, I hate it when people hate on me for my sexuality.. Um.. I can be really nerdy at times, I guess if you want to get to know me more than that, come talk to me!

((Tell me if his parent is taken)) ((Max amphetamine)) Hi! My name is Aaron and I'm the son of Spider-Man. I'm pretty quiet but I love "hanging around" *giggles* I'm 17

(FC Max Amphetamine) hi I'm Max. I'm single and 18 years old. I love food and Netflix! Im gay and I love to dye my hair. Introduce?