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Student Sent To Principal's Office For Citing Immigration Laws

Student Sent To Principal’s Office For Citing Immigration Laws

An ambulance has been summoned for the third time in the past few months to transfer a patient from a California abortion clinic.

Hillary Clinton Compares Hobby Lobby Ruling To Sharia Law

Hillary Clinton Compares Hobby Lobby Ruling To Sharia Law-(Hobby Lobby always included 16 out of 20 types of birth control. It is FAR FROM Sharia Law which doesn't allow abortions. ONCE AGAIN DEMS ARE DISTORTING FACTS!)

Can an atheist lead a Protestant church? A battle over religion in Canada.

The Rev. Gretta Vosper could see her ordination as a minister in the United Church of Canada, the country's largest Protestant denomination, stripped because of her outspoken embrace of atheism.

Cubans could not buy or sell their own homes until 2011. They could not purchase a cell phone until 2008. They still have extremely censored access to the …

On February 26th Breitbart News reported that an eleven-year-old central Washington girl shot a cougar to save her brother. She shot the cougar on February 20th, and her father now reveals she "wasn't scare a bit" when she "pulled the trigger" to keep her brother from getting attacked.

“Almost everyone . . . who spent significant time at the Gosnell trial was less pro-choice at the end.”