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Anger Management: Angry Monsters can C.A.R.E. Board Game

Great school counseling game for working with students one-on-one or in small groups. The goal of the Angry Monsters Can C.A.R.E.(Control Anger, Reactions, and Emotions) Board Game is to help students learn how to manage and address anger.

I-Statements, Empathy, & Feelings: OH MY! Game and Printables

Help+your+students+learn+how+to+make+I-Statements,+show+empathy,+and+express+their+feelings+with+this+fun+game! Contents: Game+board 4+game+pieces 24+I-statement+cards 24+empathy+cards 9+Feelings:+Angry,+Sad,+Worried,+Proud,+Excited,+Surprised,+Embarrassed,+and+Happy 3+Posters++(8+1/2+x+11) 3+Coloring+pages I-statement+worksheet+(color+and+black+

FREEBIE ALERT: To teach students one way to manage their anger,use this puzzle, I Can Feel Anger in my Body, to unscramble and identify the different body parts a...