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Warning: If you have a heart, Earthlings WILL make you cry. I've tried watching it 5 times and I still can't finish it because of how much it makes me cry and breaks my heart. - aml

The 5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Sugar

If you stop eating anything but naturally occurring sugars, you’ll notice that 5 very distinctive things will happen...

Ignore the anti-soya scaremongers

ignore the anti-soya scaremongers; people eating soya is not the problem; 80% of the world's soya production is fed to livestock so that people can eat meat and dairy foods #vegan #vegetarian

17 Impossibly Satisfying Avocado Snacks

#SvelteLoves avocado! It's packed with healthy fats and proteins. Check out these #yummy 17 Ways To Eat An Avocado!

It will taste good for 30 seconds. Then you will regret it. And be mad at yourself all day for it.

Alfredo Sauce Without the Dairy? But of Course!