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My attempt at Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie:"I'm NOT a girl!"

I drew Toy Bonnie! How did I do? This was my first time drawing Toy Bonnie so it has some kinks lol. Also I had to cut off the sides cause I had spilled water on the edges. (I'm just glad it didn't get on Bonnie it took a while to draw and get the details on the face)

Bonnie the bunny yay i love me drawing

I drew this in my spare time..... ITS FNAF 3!!! HOW DID I DO?? RATE ME !

So i drew this with pen ... JUST PEN! HOW DID I DO ?! RATE ME :3


I drew kidmike! Rate me! By:LOVE EVERYTHING <3

I drew mike :3

I drew purple guy !! <3