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T-O world map - Harley MS 3814 A 1230-1399, The manuscript is the first volume of two. It is composed of four parts: I (ff. 1r-10v); II (ff. 11r-89v), III (ff. 90r-104v), and (ff. 105r-140v).

Zodiac signs, each sign with a single large star - Detailed record for Harley 7182 Author Ptolemy , translated by Emanuel Chrysoloras and Jacobus Angelus Title Geography with twenty-seven maps Origin Italy, Central (Florence) Date 3rd quarter of the 15th century

From the British Library: Centaurus from Marcus Tullius Cicero, Aratea – illustrated with 22 constellation figures containing extracts from Hyginus, Astronomica. N. France, diocese of Reims, 9th century.

Late 12th c. illuminated Manuscript, Compendium of computistical texts, Above: Diagram of the harmony of the year and seasons; Below: Diagram of the harmony of the elements, seasons, and humors, Walters Art Museum

Diagram of a magic circle for summoning spirits of the air agla medieval-magic-diagram.png (763×527)