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Photo made in an elegant building located in the right bank of the river Brenta at Oriago a town in the province of Venice in the Veneto (Italy). In the image you see the balcony with stone balustrade supported by columns on which are supported the flower pots. In addition to the triple lancet window and arch there are two windows along the side with the shutters closed.

Photo made at a villa which is located on the left bank of the River Brenta in Mira at a town near Venice in the Veneto (Italy). The picture shows the facade completely white and elgante beautiful villa, set in the south, fully illuminated by the early afternoon sun silhouetted the deep blue sky. Very nice also the avenue leading to the entrance with beds of roses either side.

Photo made at a small building located near the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua in Veneto (Italy). In the image you are seen from the side wall of red color of the building, Particularly elegant are the two small balconies, projecting from the lower wall, the upper one in line with the wall. Over the roof of the blue sky.

Photo made at the historic building on Via Cesarotti which is next to the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua in Veneto (Italy). In the image, taken from the corner of the street that is under the north side of the Basilica, you see the beautiful facade of the building with the two high and wide stacked porches.

Photo made at the cathedral of Nimes in France. In the image you see the beautiful facade, enriched by a beautiful rose window, and a side of the church of Gothic style. Particularly beautiful are the twin towers, a square, towering into the blue sky.

Photo taken at pawnshop in Vicenza in Veneto (Italy). In the image, the Piazza resumption of Gentlemen we see the beautiful facade exposed to the south of the historic building. Particularly beautiful are the three large arched windows that are above the three large arches on the ground floor of the porch. Above the roof statues they rise in the blue sky.

Photo made in the center of Padua in Veneto (Italy). In the picture you see, illuminated by the sun, the top of an elegant white facade. Above the arch of the large wooden front door you see the balcony on which there are three doors with bow and also closed with white curtains. Below the triangle roof you see three apertures in the shape of rectangle and above the deep blue sky.

Photo made in Cison di Valmarino, the exhibition dell'artigianto, in the province of Treviso in the Veneto (Italy). In the photo, taken by one of the many streets full of stalls, we see a beautiful and elegant home with arched windows that stands out against the sky. In front of the house a few trees hide partially the bottom.

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