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The development of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Would you want to be a butterfly if you had the chance? Drifting through the skies with little tiddly wings so elegantly?

Bobby Neel Adams Photographing the same person, only years later (use old family photos and take ones now, merge them).

I like the way the tigers face is merged into the humans face. The features are aliened giving the idea that animals and humans are more alike then people think. I think the use of black and white works well on this photo and gives it quite a calm but subtle effect.

She's got lovely features! Artist turns maps into portraits

Transformation: This portrait of a face drawn over a map of Amsterdam is on of the creative works of artist Ed Fairburn

Metamorphosis - This was found on somebody's animal picture board, but I think it is more a work of art. What a great concept!