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Do you have a child who refuses just about everything? My active two year old is pretty healthy, when he actually eats. It’s terrifying how little he eats. I don’t know how he survives. Knowing that any meal he eats is a score, I strive to make every dish as healthy as I can, you know, because this may be the dish of the day. I decided to up the health factor in these sneaky carrot chia scrambled eggs this morning and decided I’d share the recipe with you

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How to Magic a Regular Meal into a Healthy Meal

How to Magic a Regular Meal into a Healthy Meal. What's the difference between sausage and mash and a healthy meal? This little secret will help you transform your not so healthy meal into an awesome healthy meal your kids will love.

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How to Build a Nutrient Dense Breakfast Bowl

How to Make a Nutrient Dense Breakfast Bowl | Healthy Helper @Healthy_Helper An easy to follow tutorial on building a belly filling, nutrient dense yogurt bowl for breakfast! Full of healthy fats, protein, and fiber....everything you need to fuel your day!

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