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Technology lights the way for quantum computing

Researchers have developed scalable, electrically driven photon sources to drive powerful quantum technologies, outlines a new report

5TH DEGREE MAGICKAL INITIATION In this, the 5th degree a choice is made and once done it can never be undone. This degree is true entry into brotherhood and sisterhood with the blessing of the...

Clearing the way for Floquet-Bloch states

Snapshots of the full 3-D band structure of bismuth selenide as it is radiated by light. The coherent interaction between the time-periodic potential of the light pulse and electrons in the Dirac cone results in Floquet-Bloch states, which appear as replicas of the original Dirac cone. Dynamic gaps open up at positions where the replica cones intersect the original cone. Intensity of these replicas is governed by the interference between Floquet-Bloch and Volkov states, free electron-like…

Laser empties atoms from the inside out

An international team of plasma physicists has used one of the worlds most powerful lasers to create highly unusual plasma composed of hollow atoms.

Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT system uses a process known as two photon polymerization, in which a high-powered laser directs two photons of near-infrared (NIR) light in ultrashort pulses at photocurable resin. Combined with piezo-driven actuators and focusing optics, this allows for the 3D printing of objects with details finer than 200 nm.