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Free printable home document retention cheatsheet with information about how long you should keep papers when decluttering so you can feel comfortable with what to keep versus to toss, shred or recycle {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}

40+ Practical Tips To Declutter Your Home (Free Workbook!)

Is clutter taking over your life? You need this free 12-page decluttering workbook to guide you through the process and get your entire home organized in five easy steps! Click to get your copy.

The Ultimate FREE Printable Decluttering Checklist for KonMari Success!

Excited to use this free printable decluttering checklist for the KonMari Method of discarding and organizing! It includes ALL the categories in a handy checklist to kickstart your decluttering and organization spree. Love this series!

They wanted more closet storage without remodeling. See what they did instead: