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A classic. All I remember is hoping that Borrowers were real and I would find them in my house some day. It's so funny and it's easy to read too so children will fly through it.

Original piece by Dollychops

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyday was filled with sunshine, rainbows, puppies and fro-yo!? Yassss. But let’s be real, not every day is a cake walk. However, I’ve got a little trick to turn any frowns upside down, make you laugh until your belly aches, your cheeks hurt, and tears are coming out of

Arthur: Merlin, come here….., look what I’ve found. I’ve found a place where you can put things, its called a cupboard. ♥

This Is Actually The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

This Is Actually The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Awww... How cute! My son jojo got his first invite to sit at lunch with a girl named Maria c... I love my kids and my life! It's the best thing having kids that I'm so proud of. My kids are respectful and honest. I am so happy for that.. (:

Possibly my favourite book - it's long and a bit slow-moving, but if you like a really good read then you'll love this.