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The Beatles- "Blackbird" (One of my favorite songs, ever! The Beatles remind me so much of my Dad...

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The Beatles on Brean Down beach, Somerset


John and Paul were never as close as they appeared publicly. On the road, John would room with George, and Paul would room with Ringo.

Rabmon is face crumping like "awww yeah, I got the pink bag." J-Hope looks like he's about to join the Beatles, and he there playing his pretend guitar. Jin looks like he's not quite sure what he's doing, Jimin looks like a two year old or something, Suga got swag, and Jungkook looks the most normal, as usual. But yeah, V XD Meme Center | allkpop

aw haha look at his sad face. "what do we do now?"

♥♥Richard L. Starkey♥♥ ♥♥J. Paul McCartney♥♥ ♥♥♥♥George H. Harrison♥♥♥♥ ♥♥John W. O. Lennon♥♥

71 Beatles GIFs For Paul McCartney's 71st Birthday

The sons of The Beatles are set to form a band together,