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GOP Debate: Christie and Rubio Square Off in Fiery Exchange...: GOP Debate: Christie and Rubio Square Off in Fiery Exchange… #Debate

What would Wittgenstein say about that dress?

"What colour is that dress?" The question has been fascinating people all around the world, including Prof Barry C Smith of the University of London's Institute of Philosophy.

Ed Miliband 'attacked before TV debate': as it happened

All the news from the day in Westminster, following Jeremy Paxman's interviews with David Cameron and Ed Miliband

Spiky, inspiring, utterly merciless. Who is Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP?

Ahead of TV debates featuring leaders of seven major parties competing in the General Election, here's what you need to know about the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon

An Unholy Alliance. As the pressure mounts on Jim Murphy for tonight’s debate Tony Blair stepped out of whatever Gold Digging corporate hellhole he’d been working to announce his ‘100% backing for Miliband’, a strangely un-reassuring commitment probably about as welcome as his rejected money. Horrible, nasty, wicked little shit.

Keeping Republican candidates on topic ‘gonna be...: Keeping Republican candidates on topic ‘gonna be tough’ in Detroit debate… #MegynKelly

Trump will ‘definitely not’ participate in Fox...: Trump will ‘definitely not’ participate in Fox debate, campaign says… #Fox #MegynKelly

The Beauty Secrets Of A Victoria's Secret Angel

Прелесть Секреты Виктории Secret Angel | Marie Claire

On 2 June Cameron and Gove will take part in an hour-long programme on Sky News, a face-to-face live interview with Faisal Islam followed by a question-and-answer session with Kay Burley and a live…

"Uncomfortably for the Lib Dems the answer [to who can make pro-EU case best] remains David Cameron if we don’t combine support for the European Union with support for reform of the EU. I suspect his post-debate triangulation was most successful in speaking for mainstream public opinion..."